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Continental Engine Sales & Exchanges

Continental Engine Sales & Exchanges

 The engines listed below can be purchased exchange or by outright sale. Your engine can also be custom overhauled. This page is a list of available engines in various stages production.

  • O470R, or S Cessna 180 & 182 With: new ignition;  & carburetor. $15,22500 exchange. Zero hours since precision new fits and tolerance remanufacture.. $17,885 out right sale. Features: New style heavy head cylinders; New Slick ignition system; OEM Marvel-Schebler, flow bench certified, factory overhauled carburetor; hydraulic lifters leak-down tested, high flow exhaust lifters fitted, rocker arms updated with one piece annuals bushings; precision connecting rod balancing; new weight matched pistons. Easy starting, 2000 hour TBO updated with spin-on oil filter, Very smooth operation when propeller and belt drive alternator are dynamically balanced to the engine. 
  • O470R engine core for sale. Outright sale with standard accessories of carburetor, ignition system, starter motor, oil cooler, oil pump, starter adapter. As is with all faults. $2,195.00.
  • O470U for Cessna 182 newly rebuilt with: OEM TCM cylinders; rebuilt carburetor; new ignition system; precision balanced; single piece annulus rocker arm bushings; full flow exhaust lifters; leak down tested lifters; spin-on oil filter.$14,225.00 exchange, or $18,885.00 outright sale. 2000 hour TBO.
  • PPonk O-470-50 (O-520) 275 HP for all Cessna 180 models, and Cessna 182H through R models. Newly rebuilt engine with: the Pponk STC; new ignition system; overhauled and STC modified carburetor. $24,995 exchange for your O-470 engine. Zero hours since factory new limits, precision balanced major overhaul. Premium standard size new style heavy head venturi seat Continental Motors standard size steel cylinders. One piece annulus rocker arm bushings. Spin-on oil filter. 2000 hour TBO. Leak down tested lifters. Full flow exhaust lifters. Spin-on oil filter.  Add $5,000 for outright sale. Engine is built with a standard size VAR 520 series crankshaft and Service Bulletin compliant 520 series crankcase for the higher power output. 
  • IO470L engine core for sale. Complete with standard accessories. As is, where as, with all faults $3,695.00.
  • IO470N core for sale. Outright sale $8,995.00. First run, as removed, no propeller strick, manufacture date September 13th, 1990. With log book. Approximately 1150 hours total time in service. Fuel control needs overhaul. Has fuel pump, fuel injection lines and nozzles, ignition system; starter motor; oil cooler; oil pump; starter adapter, propeller governor, and baffleling. No propeller strike.  In rebuilt condition exchange priced at $26,395.00. Rebuilt for outright sale $29,495.00.
  • IO470VO  for a Cessna 310. Normal runout engine core $3500 with logs. 
  • IO520A Cessna 206 (U206) Cessna 210) with: OEM TCM cylinders; service bulletin compliant  crankcase; new ignition; fuel injection system; one piece annulus rocker arm bushings; leak down tested lifters; full flow exhaust lifters, Spin-on oil filter. $21,800 exchange. $31,995.00 outright sale. Zero hours since factory new limits precision balanced major overhaul.
  • IO-520- BB, IO-520-CB, IO-520-D, IO-520-F, IO-520-K, IO-520-L, M,or MB: new ignition, overhauled  fuel injection  system; OEM TCM steel cylinders; one piece annulus rocker arm bushings; leak down tested lifters; full flow exhaust lifters; precision balanced; factory new limits; VAR crankshaft; service bulletin compliant crankcase  $31,995 outright sale, $21,995 exchange. Zero hours since precision major overhaul. 
  • IO-520-D Built like a NEW  engine, factory new limits, precision balanced, one piece annulus rocker arm bushings, leak down tested lifters, full flow exhaust lifters. TCM factory 7th stud crankcase, VAR crankshaft.  This is a premium engine.  Genuine NEW TCM cylinders, New ignition system,  TCM factory rebuilt fuel system with position tuned fuel nozzles, Spinon-oil filter. Military grade engine, great for a float plane. $26,995 exchange. $39,995.00 outright sale. Zero hours since precision major overhaul.
  •  IO520D engine core. $9,995.00 
  • IO-520-CB  Perfect normal runout engine core with logs $11,995.00  
  • IO-520-M engine, zero since remanufacture to factory new limits, precision balanced with; TCM cylinders; genuine CMI factory rebuilt magnetos; Champion ignition harness; new Champion spark plugs; overhauled fuel injection system; one piece annulus rocker arms; new style heavy duty 7th Stud crankcase; leak-down tested full flow  exhaust lifters. Fully tested and preserved. Exchange price $19,500. Outright sale $31,995. First major overhaul with all the best features..
  • IO550B new crankshaft in stock.


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